Gaming in Huatulco

Want to do some board, computer or tabletop gaming when in Huatulco... just want to sit after spending the day at the beach, roll some dice and drink a beer?

Casa de la Armonia has many optioins to choose from... Bring your miniatures and use some of the terrain, slamp in a disc and get your hands on those console controlers or open one of our many boardgames...

Game Closet

This is our ever expanding gaming library...


Beer and Sushi anyone?


Here is our console gaming area...(no neighbors to worry about btw)

Tabletop 1

We have loads of terrain for the tabletop gamer too... Including this  ZUZZY gaming mat....

Tabletop close up A

A Close up of the battlefield

Tabletop close up B

Another Close Up..

Tabletop 2

Tabletop 3

And one more terrain set-up....

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