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Huatulco is serviced by charter flights from several Canadian airports - Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver are but a few.  Or you can travel via Mexico City almost every day of the week.  Contact us to arrange your air travel as well as booking the condo.

Please remember to put the address to Casa de la Armonia with your passport, as immigration will want you to list an address on your Tourist Card. If you forget just put Hacienda Real and that should be sufficient.

Hacienda Real
Boulevard Santa Cruz No. 134
Penthouse 402, Sector A
Bahias de Huatulco
Oaxaca, Mexico

Airport Lounge - Mexico City Airport

If you are taking Mexicana to Huatulco you will connect through Mexico City. While the Mexico City airport is a modern one it operates somewhat differently than some other airports. Gates for local flights are not selected until up to 45 minutes prior to departure. Therefore when you arrive, your connecting flight most likely will not have been assigned a departure gate yet, and they may send you to a holding area that you assume is your gate number (yup, voice of experience and a frantic dash through the airport speaking). Do not fear - a gate will be chosen with enough time for you to make your connection. Be sure to check the boards located throughout the airport frequently. You can also wait in the various lounges (second floor of the airport) and await the announcement of your plane’s gate. The lounges have a lot of stores and plenty of restaurants so you can have something to eat while you wait. Don’t fret about it and keep in mind that gates are assigned in order of departure (and they will likely page you – as they did us - in English - to get to the gate!).

Airport Lounge stairs - Mexico City AirportYou will also have to go through Immigration prior to going to your gate. Normally you will go through customs in Huatulco and so you will not have to pick up your bags in Mexico City. Remember to keep your half of the tourist card in your passport as if you do not have it upon departure of Mexico you will be charged $42.00USD for it. Tourists can at present stay as much as 180 days on a tourist visa. Longer stays require an extended visa which you must obtain through a Mexican Consulate.

After waiting in line for immigration follow the directions for “connecting flights”. Watch for the stairs on your left immediately after the duty free stores and go up. Continue through a maze like hallway until you get to the domestic terminal (again it is easy just ask someone if you think you are getting lost – you won’t be though as there really is only one way to go). You will have to pass through security so if you see a security booth this is a good thing. They inspect your ticket and boarding pass and your bags get x-rayed. You are headed in the right direction if you do this.

Gate Information Screen - Mexico City AirportOnce in the domestic area you will find more departure information screens. Remember that Mexicana also operates as “Click”, so watch these departure times also. You can also find the Sala or lounge area near gate 15. Your departure gate may be listed as a letter. For instance you may have a “B” designated as your gate – this just means that you should go to Sala “B” to wait for your gate to be designated.

When returning to Canada you do not have to clear immigration - just find gate and you are good to go.

Mexico City Airport Map - Mexico City Airport

Mexico City Airport Map

Mexico City Airport hallwayHuatulco Airport

As the Huatulco airport is small sometimes if you are flying with Mexicana you will exit the airport via the domestic gate. If your driver is not right there he may be waiting for you at the international gate.

If flying with Mexicana avoid the seats in front of the exit row as they do not recline.  Talk to your travel agent when booking seats.

According to the immigration card October 2008, the following duty-free allowances apply to each visitor entering into Canada:

  • Gifts (excludes alcohol and tobacco) valued at no mare than CAN$60 each
  • 1.5 L of wine or 1.14 L of liquor Or 24 x 355 ml cans or bottles (8.5 L) of beer or ale
  • 200 cigarettes, 200 tobacco sticks, 50 cigars or cigarillos and 200 grams of manufactured tobacco

Resident of Canada – each resident returning to Canada is entitled to one of the following personal exemptions based on his/her time absent from Canada (include all goods and/or gifts purchased or received abroad)

  • 24 hours: CAN$50
  • 48 hours: CAN$400
  • 7 days: CAN$750

Keep in mind this is only the current standard and can change without notice.

Please check this web page for up to date regulations:

Mexico City Airport Restaurants

LIndbergh's RestaurantLindbergh's
View Lindbergh's menu (PDF file)

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