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You can purchase bottled water in the grocery stores … but also note that the water truck comes around on Mondays, about 8 am.  Ana can give you the details, but for 170 pesos (~$2.00) you can get a 5 gallon jug of water … and they will carry it up the stairs for you and put it on the water dispenser!  For a few extra pesos tip it is well worth it not to have to carry water up the stairs from the taxi after coming home exhausted from the market.  You may want to use this water to make your coffee as the tap water has a lot of chlorine in it.


A selection of fresh produceGrocery shopping can be done at several different locations. First off, very fresh produce can be found off of the La Crucecita zocalo down Carrizal street headed east. The place we frequent is called Fruver (Su Seleccion Natural) or the shop next to it. These are not open everyday but really deserve a visit.

Super Che, Super La Fuente, and CocoSol are grocery stores located between Santa Cruz and La Crucecita and are easy to get to by taxi. There are a variety of products in each, and it is worth a trip just to experience a Mexican super market.  You will find, however, that each store has an eclectic mix of items.  You may have to visit all 3 to find what you are looking for … and although SuperChe (for example) seems like a mini Superstore, with an incredible variety of just about everything, we couldn’t find peanut butter anywhere.  We just have to adapt.

Shopping at the big grocery stores is basically the same, and the variety was amazing … but some things were different and we’ll try to give you tips on some of the ones that threw us a bit.

  • The eggs are not in the cooler — they are on an open shelf.  Yes, they are date-stamped, and we ate them with no problems!
  • The bakery at SuperChe has GREAT bread, buns, etc. for an awesome price.  To purchase, you use tongs to put whatever items you want on the equivalent of a pizza tray, and then take it to the counter in the bakery section where the item is weighed, packaged, and priced.  With the humidity, bread turns to a rock quickly, so get a little bit and go more often.

Clothing, souvenirs, coffee, mescal, chocolate, jewellery …Much more to come …

Shops can be deceptive from the street, larger inside, more selection, artisans – go in and look!

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