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Download the Internal Regulations for Hacienda Real and Casa de la Armonia.

Safety and security

Casa de la Armonia is located in the Hacienda Real condo complex. This complex is gated. Please note that the gate is always locked and will need to be opened both coming and going from the complex. The lock is a bit temperamental and needs some jiggling. Once you have opened it once or twice entering and exiting will be very easy. The door to the condo itself is also is a bit tricky. Again, a couple of tries and you’ll get the hang of it! You will have to buzz people in and out of the condo complex from the buzzer phone located in the kitchen. A quick push is enough to let people in or out.  It goes without saying that we ask you to check who is at the gate before letting anyone in … and don’t let in others.  Often the air conditioner repair man or other service staff are waiting at the gate … but let someone that knows them take the responsibility for letting them in.

The steps at the condo complex can be slippery, and there are no handrails in the stairwells. Please use caution at all times, but especially when the stairs or tiles are wet. Even if it doesn’t rain, the cleaning staff in the condo complex take pride in keeping the place looking clean … so expect water!

Note that you will have one of the few sets of keys to the Casa de la Armonia. When staying it is important to keep these keys near you and safe all the times. You will also need to make sure you return them upon departure. A charge may be incurred for keys not returned.

Welcome to Casa de la ArmoniaRemember to bring the keys to the condo with you to the pool, or the garbage, or whatever. As soon as you shut the door it will lock so if you exit the condo for any reason make sure you have the means to get back in (the keys) or you will be stuck outside. You may be able to reach Ana (if you have her number and the cell along!) … or a fellow condo visitor may have the Condo Association manager’s number on hand … but it may be sometime before you are let back in. There is no front desk to the Condo…

While we are on the topic of getting stuck and locked doors - sometimes a child may become locked in a bathroom.  If this is the case - don't panic - just take a screwdriver (located in the bottom drawer of the bank of drawers in the kitchen) press slightly on the small nub on the door and turn.

Guest should also remember to close and lock the patio door by the living room at night or when out during the day - it never hurts to be safe.  Also remember to try to keep the screens closed on the patio doors to stop bugs from entering the condo.


You will be met at the airport by a member of the team from STS (Servicios Turisticos del Sur).  They will have a sign to get your attention, and will be waiting for you outside of the airport (once you clear customs).  If by some chance you are routed through the domestic instead of the international terminal, just wait a few minutes and they will find you.  They will take care of getting you and your luggage to the Casa de la Armonia … including hauling your stuff up the 3 flights of stairs.  The transfer and airport fee are included in your stay.  Please feel free to tip … a couple of dollars goes a long way.  In Huatulco, a labourer makes about $5 per day … and is very dependent on the tourist season.  They earn for 6 months of the year and few have employment during the off season.  Tourist tips can supplement a decent living.  If there are any questions, please contact the Operations Manager Marco Martinez (Jr) at 958-581-0512.  His English is fabulous, and he knows Huatulco and the surrounding area incredibly well.

Our housekeeper’s name is Lyana (Ana) Cervantes and she will greet you upon your arrival. She will also be cooking your breakfasts. Ana has a good grasp of English and will be more than happy to tell you all about the condo. If you would like her menu altered during your stay please ask her to do so. Ana has her own key and will enter and exit the condo when she needs to come in and clean and make breakfast. Please arrange a time for breakfasts when she greets you upon your arrival.  If you have plans for an excursion and do not require breakfast one day, please let her know the day ahead.

Condo breakfastCondo supper

Upon arrival Ana will show you our green plastic sheets for your luggage. Please put these sheets on top of the bedding when unpacking and packing to avoid dirtying the bedspreads and bedding.  We tried packing on the floor and had the condo’s only gecko try to stow away … so the green plastic gives you a bit of a visual too.

You will also see a number of staff of the condo complex around.  The property is managed by Marisol, who is the General Manager for the Condo Association.  Marisol also speaks English incredibly well, and is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.  She supervises a number of staff who take care of building maintenance, cleaning, etc.

There is an undeveloped back lot behind the Casa. A local labourer lives in this lot. There is no need to worry about him or to even think what he is doing is strange. This gentleman is actually employed by the developers of the Hacienda Real and used to be their maintenance man.  He now works directly with the developer.  He simply chooses to live outside. Remember that this is Mexico and the poor are used to living much differently then we are.

Address and telephone

The condo’s cell phone is 011 52 1 958 106 0476. (Locally 958-106-0476).  Please use this for incoming calls only (it is a pay as you go, and can receive even if it has no minutes left). It will not function for long if you make any outgoing long distance calls.  There should be enough on the phone to allow you to make a few local calls, but if you want to make long distance calls you’ll have to go to the SuperChe or a pharmacia to get a phone card to load.  We learned that a $30 phone card gets gobbled up in under 13 minutes calling Canada.  After that, we called long enough to say “Hey, call me back”.

Remember that if a local phone number does not seem to work try putting the 044 in front of the number as this is the contact for most cell phones. If calling from Canada you must put 011 52 for a local landline or 011 52 1 for a cell phone. Remember also to shut off your Canadian cell phone when you are not using it to reduce your roaming charges.

Hacienda RealAddress:
Hacienda Real
Boulevard Santa Cruz No 134
Penthouse 402, Sector A
Bahias de Huatulco, Mexico

Armonia stairwellThere are several staircases in the Hacienda Real complex. The staircase to the condo is through the main gate, around the privacy wall to the right, directly opposite the pool.

The condo is up the stairs to the top and on the right.

House rules

Keep it clean - food

We have a few house rules that we would like to mention. This is our home and meant to be yours … so please respect it and clean any mess you make as you go.

Please do not bring any food into the bedrooms as this attracts bugs and we want to make sure you don’t have any uninvited company. This is a tropical paradise, and with that can come a rapid invasion of ants or other crawlies if there is anything tempting left out for them … which includes dirty dishes in the sink.  I don’t want to gross you out … but it is better to be warned than having to discover it first hand.

Surprisingly, it is not the bag of sugar that attracts the worst offenders, but nuts!  We try to keep ALL food in the fridge … from bread to fruit.  Watch for wrapped candies, take the wrapper off and have a good look before passing to the kiddies …

There are sealable containers in the cupboard for you to use … please replenish any zip-lock bags or other supplies you need to borrow for your trip home.

A quick note on the condo floor - we have noticed that the bottom's of our feet often turned a bit black when walking around in the condo. This is normal and is only sediment from the air.  Dust and smoke add up but this does not mean that the condo is dirty - Ana will dust and mop daily.

Community - neighbours

Also remember that Casa de la Armonia is located in a condo complex and thus has its own community. Many of the residents have the condo as their winter retirement home, and have chosen it for its comfort and ambiance.  This is also the reason you are not in an all inclusive in Cancun.  Please respect the neighbors, supervise your children, and keep your noise levels down.

The condo manager will be provided with a weekly list of “authorized” guests.  If you have any questions about whether someone is “supposed to be there”, just ask Ana or Marisol.  The condo compound is a small community, and the authorities will be contacted to deal with unauthorized or inappropriate visitors … paid or not.

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