Restaurant Reviews

We are please to include a listing and reviews of some of the restaurants that we have managed to make it to – and look forward to expanding the list!  There are many restaurants out there and so please feel free to explore and set out on your own.  However, the following are reviews from ourselves or people we really trust so be confident that you will have a great meal if you go to one of these restaurants.  Return often as we will always be adding reviews to more and more restaurants. [see "Eating Out" section under Traveler’s Advice --> Water & Health]

Please email us your comments and recommendations, so we can try some new discoveries next time we are in Huatulco, or add your testimonials to the page.

I have a couple of notes on restaurants in general.  First don't assume that restaurants can make change.  Try to bring small bills if you can.  Also not all restaurants are open on Mondays.  Be adaptable if the one you are wanting is closed.

La Crucecita Restaurants

Tostados Grill

TostadosTostados is also located on the south side of the La Crucecita Zocalo. It has a great casual atmosphere and a large patio so one can sit out and watch people as they pass by. For those that want a more private atmosphere just head to the interior of the restaurant.  It has a open wood burning grill that one can smell for blocks (to lure you in I am sure). You will not be disappointed here, as they serve Mexican style food and steaks. We had the Chicken Fajitas which came with rice and several different types of salsas. A great choice for families and couples alike.

View Tostados Grill menu (PDF file)

La Crema Bar

La Crema BarLa Crema Bar

La Crema is known throughout the area as one of the best nacho and pizza places in Huatulco. It certainly lives up to the reputation. Located on the second floor on the SouthWest corner of the zocalo, it has a bohemian surfer atmosphere and a large wood oven where the majority of their food is cooked. There is also a small shop that sells various knickknacks and you can also buy a cigar or two if you desire. The whole place is lit by candlelight and reggae music often fills the air. The pizzas are incredible! On two different occasions we ordered the “combination” and the “La Crema special”.  Both were wonderful … but keep in mind that “la crema” is made with a heavy cream sauce.  It was hands down both one of the best tasting — and heaviest — pizzas I have ever had. I was full after two pieces. Not for those worried about their waistline. Also, a note for those who are lactose intolerant, the staff are used to orders that include no cheese pizzas. Families are welcome and you will find something to eat and drink for everyone.  We haven’t tried it yet, but have heard there is a banana pizza that’s not on the menu that is fabulous.

Don't forget to visit La Crema's gift shop. It has some of the best value for quality merchandise in all of Huatulco.  Check it out!!!

View La Crema Bar menu (PDF file)

Onix Restaurant

Onix RestaurantCrispy Chicken Tacos

This boutique restaurant is great for a more formal dining experience (not suit and tie for sure — but you may want to make sure you are not in your beach attire). It is a romantic and elegant place with a fine view of the La Crucecita town square. A second generation restauranteur, Louis and his wife Alba have been taking care of business for years here. We tried the lemon butter steak, the coconut shrimp, and the Crispy Chicken Tacos which were served with tortilla chips and pickled vegetables (delicious). The Coconut Shrimp were served with a sour pineapple sauce that was the perfect complement. The Filet of Beef Dofia Lila was a shock to my taste buds at first – never having had lemon and steak at the same time. However upon the second bite my palate was already fascinated by its flavor. The Crispy Chicken Tacos come rolled up and deep fried served on a bed of  guacamole. They are very tasty and I recommend them for even a small evening meal.

View Onix Restaurant menu (PDF file)

Los Portales

The owners of the Onix restaurant also own Los Portales (and the Iguana Bar) which are on the street level below the Onix restaurant.  Los Portales has a great menu and tons of food to fill anyone’s taste. I had the giant taco and was quite pleased with it. I would definitely recommend this place for families and couples as it is sparkling clean and you can watch the cooks prepare the food in the super clean open kitchen. The restaurant really has an open patio feel and you can mingle with the locals and watch the passers by while having a great meal.

View Los Portales menu (PDF file)

Oasis Café Restaurante Bar & Sushi

Tortilla SoupSushi

Salsa cactusOctopus - Mexican style

Another great location for sitting and watching the people go about their day, the Oasis boast a very diverse menu. Mom has been in search of a tortilla soup to rival one she had years ago… and was very happy with the one here. I had the Mexican style Octopus, and enjoyed the flavour and “gringo” appropriate heat. You can always take it “up” with the sauces provided! The sushi is good if you need a fix… but remember, don’t expect Little Tokyo — Vancouver. Good Margarita… but is there such thing as a bad one?

View Oasis Café Restaurante Bar & Sushi menu (PDF file)

Restaurante la Crucecita

Restaurante la CrucecitaThis is a family run restaurant which has a great menu and awesome take out carnitas — or pulled pork. You can order carnitas and take it back with you for a great meal at home. Not only do you get the meat but they also supply you with enough soft tacos and salsa to complete the meal. Very tasty indeed. Note however that carnitas is only served here on Sundays.

Agave Restaurant

Agave RestaurantThe Agave is located across from the La Crucecita zocalo. It has a large menu that will tempt almost anyone. It has an open air feel and one can watch the various goings on while dinning.  It is great for families and couples as there is a homey feel. I had the hamburger and was delighted with it.

View Agave Restaurant menu (PDF file)

La Perla – Jazz Club

La Perla Jazz ClubThe La Perla is located above the Agave Restaurant. It is a small, clean and nice place to have a drink. Normally there is live music once a week, but one can always hear and watch the jazz videos and music that play at other times. They fix a mean drink here and you can get almost anything you like while listening to the music and looking out on the zocalo below.


The Terra Cotta restaurant is located in La Crucecita close to the Church and is a local favorite for breakfast and other meals.  I went there on a Sunday prior to church letting out and was rewarded with a stellar breakfast.  It was really the best breakfast I have found yet in Huatulco and I recommend it highly for anyone looking for this type of meal.  The breakfasts are all listed in Spanish but with a little effort you can easily figure out each.  I had the “Omelette Ranchero” and it was great.  A spicy breakfast to get the engine going in the morning (you can regulate the spice as the sauce came in a separate gravy boat).  It came with coffee and I added a Papaya “Licuados” to wet my whistle.

Download Terracotta menu (PDF File)


Rigoletto RestaurantRigoletto food

Download Rigoletto menu (PDF File)


Santa Cruz Restaurants

El Huayacan

I would have to say that the El Huayacan Restaurant on Santa Cruz beach is my favorite place for lunches and midday snacks.  You can walk into the restaurant and ask for a table on the beach and someone will always be happy to help you.  I have sat on the beach sipping mescal and drinking beer with no hassles to hurry up or pushing to spend more.  With that said, you should also try the ceviche as it is very good!  Be sure to spread some over a tostado (deep fried tortilla) and squeeze lime juice on it (I also add a dash of hot sauce for some heat).  We ordered the coconut drink (served in a decorated whole coconut) for our daughter and she loved it.  Maybe you can even find our waiter – Calderon (same as the President J) – to serve you.  He has a great smile and is always eager to help.

They also have a bathroom on the northside of the building that paying customers can use. 

Download El Huayacan menu (PDF File)

Ve el Mar

Ve el Mar RestaurantThe Ve is located next to the church and is a very nice place to have a dinner at the beach. One can dine in the restaurant or right on the beach if you wish. It has a great romantic atmosphere and is a nice place for families and couples to dine.  As it is close to the condo, we have had a few meals here. It is nice to wrap up a long day looking out onto the sand and sea, and we took our time (among the last to leave).  The staff were attentive — and understood our charades request for bug spray to fend off the late evening sand flies. The selection on the menu was extensive and the food was tasty! The grilled fish with garlic was a repeat order, as was the ceviche. I personally will pass on having the snail in my mixed ceviche next time… but I’ll try anything once. One evening we were entertained briefly by a small group of Mariachi singers.  Very enjoyable.


View Ve el Mar menu (PDF file)

Frente al Mar

Frente al MarThe Frente has an extensive menu and is great for a nice lunch on the beach. It is on the right side of the beach – when facing the water – and can easily be found by walking down the shop side of the Oceanpark condo hotel. It faces the water and you can’t miss its smiley octopus sign. We had the fish fillet (A la talla) and the Fried fish (Mojarra fitta). The fried fish comes whole but for those of you who have not experienced this it is very tasty. The fillet is also good.  Remember those of you that want to have a nice time at the beach I recommend that you go to this or a similar restaurant to dine and drink at your leisure. As long as you order the odd drink and meal the restaurant owners are happy to let you use their chairs.

View Frente al Mar view (PDF file)

Café Huatulco

Cafe HuatulcoThis café resides in the middle of the Santa Cruz zocalo and has a real European café feel. Along with some light snacks one can get some of the best coffee and hot chocolate in the area. It is a great place to pick up your morning coffee… or end your evening. We wound down one evening with groups of local and tourist families relaxing at the surrounding tables with an Operetta playing in the background.

View Café Huatulco menu (PDF file)

Other Restaurants

Taqueria El Padrino

Taqueria El PadrinoThis is a locals restaurant around the corner from the La Fuente grocery (south from the grocery and across from the gas station – just off of (east) Boulevard Chahue and south of Oaxaca Ave.) It is a great place for a non-formal/casual lunch. The tacos are “homemade” and incredible. Salsa and limes are served with the meal and I recommend using both (in moderation) on your tacos. The tacos are relatively small but they only cost about 60 cents so you can try several. Try as many different ones as you can. They are all delicious.

View Taqueria El Padrino menu (PDF file)

Finca de Vaqueros

Finca de VaquerosThe Finca is located just as you come into the Playa La Bocana area.  It is an open air restaurant with no walls and has a rustic (all be it newer) ambience. Its roofline is similar to a palapa but with a red ceramic tiles. We ordered Chorizo Argentino and Costilla Ahumada (ribs), Rib eye and a bean soup (Frijoles Charros). The soup was delectable and we used the salsa and soft taco shells to make our own tacos at the table. The sausages and meat were done to perfection and having them in a taco was a new and brilliant experience - definitely a meat lovers meal to be sure. It was a delicious and wonderful meal that normally is accompanied by Mexican style karaoke entertainment. Further the Mezcal flows fairly easily here so beware of the Mezcal lady. She may make sure your glass is always full.  We ended with the Natilla de Mango (mango ice cream) which was the perfect end to the night.

Finca de Vaqueros foodFinca de Vaqueros food

View Finca de Vaqueros (PDF file)

The Tipsy Blowfish

The Tipsy BlowfishThe Tipsy Blowfish

Guacamole with salsa

The Blowfish is an icon in the local area. Everyone eventually gravitates here and while it is more of a bar they do serve up a great hamburger.  You will find live music, good drinks and good company here. The owners are very gracious and friendly – and both are quick to engage you in conversation.  Joe and Courtney are from Houston, Texas, in the good old US of A… so if you have any questions or allergy concerns, they can definitely guide you.  The Blowfish is a great place for a break in the afternoon – try a bowl of guacamole and chips and a cold beverage.  The blowfish has recently moved from La Crucecita to the resort rich area of Tangolunda.

View The Tipsy Blowfish menu (PDF file)

Restaurant El Costeno

Restaurant El CostenoThe Costeno is located on Maguey beach and is well known for their friendly service. Many boat and land tours make a stop at this restaurant during their tour so it can be busy. However they leave just as fast as they come in so be patient – you will be rewarded. To get here just follow the stairs down toward the beach and continue straight. A large sign will greet you. You will be able to enter via the beach or the side door. The Costeno is a large palapa restaurant and you can either dine beneath the palapa or on one of their many beach chairs/recliners. They are happy to have you visit all day.  Just continue to order the odd drink and meal from them and you will be able to use the chairs.  This makes a perfect destination for a family that wants to have a full day at a great swimming beach (remember it takes less than 4 minutes – and 6 dollars — by taxi from the condo to get to Maguey beach).  We had the  ceviche one day and the pineapple shrimp and seafood soup the next. The ceviche was amazing. If you have never had this before I definitely recommend it. It comes with tostados and salsa so one can put the ceviche on a tostado, add a bit of salsa and lime and bite away.  Delicious indeed. The pineapple shrimp came with a wine sauce and a full half of a pineapple. Both the shrimp and the pineapple were great.  The seafood soup was also excellent but is not for the light of heart. For example I found both octopus and large pieces of fish (yum) — but a tentacle is not for everyone…

Shrimp ceviche

View Restaurant El Costeno menu (PDF file)

Los Michoacanos – Autenticas Carnitas

Los MichoacanosLos Michoacanos

Located on San Agustin and La Entrega streets (just east of La Crucecita), I completely recommend Michoacanos as a great place for take out. Like Restaurante la Crucecita it serves Carnitas (pulled pork) with soft taco shells and salsa. The great thing about the Michoacanos is that it is open every day for carnitas, so you still get to try them if you miss Sunday at the Restaurant la Crucecita.


Lechalote restaurantThis restaurant is located just South East of SuperChe. This restaurant was recommended to us by one of our favourite locals… and we were told the Mojitos were a must try. I definitely enjoyed the Mojito (very green!)… but was amazed at the fine dining potential.  We only popped in for a late night snack, and had enough room for an appetizer each.  Although we were tempted by the entire menu were glad we had held off ordering a main course until after – as the appetizer portion was ample. I would suggest planning to share a couple of entrées to get the most from the diverse menu… from Boeuf Bourguignon to Vietnamese spring rolls. I had the Thai salad and Mom had the chicken livers.  We’ll be back to sample more.

View Lechalote menu (PDF File)

Not Quite Restaurants

Among other things, you can get roast chicken, chicken wings and pizza at the grocery between Santa Cruz and La Crucecita (on Boulevard Chahue) called Super Che. Super Che has many other food and liquor options for home eating. You can even try out the in-store made tortillas to scoop up your leftovers.

Mezcal ShopMezcal Shop

If you are looking for mezcal, there are two shops that I particularly like. Mezcal is the local tequila. Both are made from the agave plant and are distilled using similar methods. There is a strong taste difference so try some prior to buying if you can (most stores will provide a taste test). The stores that I like are both in La Crucecita. La Probadita — Los Mejores Productos Oaxaquenos which is just south of the zocalo between Flamboyan and Chacah streets — has a good selection of Mezcal and the older Mexican lady that runs the shop is always eager to give you some samples so you can determine which mezcal best suits your taste. I still haven’t definitively figured out the name of the second. I think it is “El Buen Mezcal” but it may also be “La Probadita of Mr. Serafin”. It is on Bugambilia between Palma Real and Ocotillo across from the parquet de arena (a park about half way up Bugambilia).  This has a wealth of mezcal assortments but also sells mezcal that the owner makes at a nearby distillery. I prefer the "Chahue: Tobala - Dovilia" mezcal. but all are very tasty. Further the young lady providing examples speaks English, and will tell you all about how the mezcal is produced and how to best drink it. You really will have to be careful to choose the ones you want try, as all are delicious and can creep up on you. As a bonus, you may end up sampling the local chilies (which are incredibly hot), raw chocolate, or a local delicacy of dried crickets. The front of the shop looks a little dark but it really just is chock full of a verity of products from peanuts to chocolate and mezcal to cigars. The mezcal is on the ground floor in the very back of the shop.

Wine can be found all around Huatulco but the one we bought is "Posada Del Rey" which can be found at Super Che.

General information

A quick word about Tacos – we were really confused as to what makes a taco a taco, and what differentiates it from a burrito or tostada.  We ended up checking out Wikipedia for definitions, and this is what we found. Whatever it looks like, order and enjoy!

Salsas (variety of flavours, ingredients, heat levels) are included with almost all meals, at no charge. Only one “chain restaurant” in Oaxaca City put a platter of something like tostados on the table which we didn’t order… and Marco warned us that if we ate even one the full order (or double order), it would appear on our bill. If in doubt, ask before sampling if it is included.

Crispy tortilla chips are great as an appetizer.  It is best to squeeze lime on them and sprinkle with salt — the original lime chips — and WAY better! You can stab your lime slice with your fork and twist with your other hand to maximize juice extraction. I have been told that the limes can actually bleach your skin if the sun gets to it. Make sure you wash the spray off your hands.

“la cuenta” is the bill. When you are done eating and would like to pay just say “la cuenta por favor” and one will arrive shortly.

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